Help!I need compiled qt5.15+VTK8.2+DEBUG (means the compiled version is VTK8.2 +DEBUG and support QT5.15 development, )

I have qt5.15+VTK9.0+DEBUG,but the functions do not work right.And I also have qt5.15+VTK8.2+RELEASE,then the functions work right.But when I compiled qt5.15+VTK8.2+DEBUG by myself,it always failed.So who can give me the Help!I need compiled qt5.15+VTK8.2+DEBUG ?

You can use existing open-source applications, such as ParaView, 3D Slicer, or MITK, to see how to properly link VTK and Qt into a workable application.

If you are using Windows check that your path points to the debug version of your compiled VTK version when building debug versions of the code. This

qt5.15+VTK8.2+RELEASE,then the functions work right

makes me think that, in this case, the path is pointing to the release version so everything works Ok.

I downloaded a DEBUG version of compiled VTK8.2 and the problem already solved .

Where did you download it ?

Do not use that, it is not an official release in any capacity. Build your own VTK.

However,I can’t build it successfully.

Then share your build error ?

This is a kind of example error and I wonder whether it’s OK if I just copy “vtkRenderingQt-8.2.lib” that compiled by others.
And it will block while download something.

Like this.

Juste disable testing in cmake:


But how to solve “Can not open vtkRenderingQt-8.2.lib file.” probolem.

After fixing the libarchive build error, start a top-level build and post a link to the full build log.