Help on Mining Data


I’m new to VTK and started my learning recently. Due to the huge amount of knowledge available for VTK I need some help to guide my studies.

I work in a mine and our goal is to draw litology and lab results. For that we want to model the way the data is generated to be possible render it in Paraview.

The data obtained here through drill holes in which we have the information of start and end (elevation + depth) of each litology, after that the samples are sent to a lab which deliver the results for that portion of ore. The data is quite simple, such as:

  • Geographical Coordinates (UTM and Elevation) of the drill hole
  • Orientation and depth of the Drill Hole
  • Litology
  • Lab Results
  • Maps

Today, all data is being generated in .csv. (Maps are generated in shapefile)

If someone could help guide my studies to accomplish this mission I would be extremely grateful.