Help please ! MSAA not work

I have ask this question for several times but no one seems can help me. I have lerat and work for 3 month in my project with vtk and I don’t want to use another 3D engine.

anti-alias seems not working in QVTKOpenGLNativeWidget - Support - VTK
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The problem is : I have several object in the scene. And MSAA not work for those object which is translucent. This is very very ugly.

I tried FXAA (it will distort the line, and make text blur), SSAA (the scene look like a little blur, and the following property won’t work

vtkNew<vtkActor> actor;

Can anyone help me ?

We are struggling with this in 3D Slicer, too. It would be great to get some guidance from VTK developers, but to start a meaningful discussion they will need minimal reproducible examples.

@baker-Xie can you create a Github or Gitlab repository and upload minimal examples that reproduce the anti-aliasing issues that you described?

Just a reminder: many of us here on this list provide lots of hours of “free” help, which mostly we very much enjoy. But on the other hand, we have very demanding jobs. Some of these requests for help are non-trivial and it’s not possible to solve all these problems without support. One way to provide such support is through support contracts or other funding mechanisms to companies like Kitware. Don’t be afraid to use them :slight_smile: And I agree with Andras, meaningful examples are absolutely necessary for any work to proceed. We are time limited and anything you can do to minimize the time spent on solving issues is greatly appreciated.


I have post my minimal example in the github

baker-Xie/vtk_msaa_bug (

I’m very very appreciate your help. Thanks very much.

Yes, I understand. I’m very very appreciate your help. Thanks very much.

Thank you!

@will.schroeder is it expected that MSAA does not have any effect on semi-transparent actors?

See screenshots and some more information in the github repository.

Please open an issue in

Hi Mathieu Westphal, I have create a issue, please see MSAA does not have any effect on semi-transparent actors (#19234) · Issues · VTK / VTK · GitLab (