Help Understanding Update() in VTK9

I am working on updating vmtk a library that heavily depends on VTK to use vtk9.

I was able to get things building, but ran into a problem where it seems like calling Update() causes an abort.

I am aware of changes to how Update() but I can’t remember where I saw them or I am making it up.

Is there a list of “Gotchas” for porting to VTK9? specifically anything that relates to the Update() method?

Which class are you calling Update() on? I don’t think there’s anything about the execution pipeline globally, but specific classes may have issues. What version are you upgrading from?

Thanks @ben.boeckel
I am attempting to upgrade to VTK9 and ITK5. It appears the actual issue was in ITK. vmtk wraps some ITK classes with VTK.
It had to do with ITK changes in ThreadedGenerateData and was what was causing things to abort before I dug a little deeper.

I replaced it with DynamicThreadedGenerateData and updated the progress reporter to TotalProgressReporter and that seems to have fixed the issue.