Help with Starting a Project for 2D SEG-Y Visualization

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve been tasked with looking into visualization tools for 2D SEG-Y images and I’ve came across VTK.

I’ve managed to build the tools with CMake\VS2019 and ran some of the samples but I’m confused about how I would go into just displaying a 2D SEG-Y in a Qt widget. Basically, just how would I use the SegYReader class and then use it to display as a image or something similar to it.

Are there any samples of code about that? Thanks in advance.

VTK has a number of tests for segy:
ctest -R SegY
for running them and
ctest -N -V -R SegY
for seeing where they are.

You’ll have to enable testing to see those.

VTKExamples has examples for how to use VTK with Qt.


Oh thanks, I didn’t find them at first.