Help with XMLPStructuredGrid writer

I am new here and was wondering if I could get a hand with this. I did a search for “parallel” and there are a lot of questions but not a whole lot of answers.

I have largish 3D datasets that I need to visualize (turbulent flow data). I perform a whole bunch of post-processing on them and now need to visualize. I want to use the python interfaces to the parallel vtk grid writers to dump the data and then visualize in paraview but cannot seem to figure out how the system works.

I have found this stackoverflow link that shows some C code to perform a parallel write to python. Some more research yields this mailing list code however that second link doesn’t actually work as performing an “mpiexec -n 2 python3”, where “” contains the code linked, shows that both ranks think they are rank 0 indicating that the vtkMultiProcessController.GetGlobalContoller() method does not appear to work.

Additionally, I am not certain what the role of a programmable filter plays. I can have a serial write of data, but considering my data sets are ~6gb each, I’d prefer parallel datasets

I am using python3 and vtk installed from conda-forge.

Thanks for any help!

Is this in the wrong section? Or does anybody have examples using the parallel grid writers? I have not been able to find much information on these classes. Furthermore, the vtkMultiProcessController doesn’t seem to do much either and I am not sure how the initialization occurs.