Histogram from vtkTable

I can’t find an appropriate filter to generate a 1D histogram from a vtkTable. There are classes to generate 2D histograms from images etc. I also found vtkmHistogram but when I build against the required variables then my application takes 2 minutes to start up.

So is there a better way to create 1D histograms?

ParaView has a vtkExtractHistogram filter, this should be put in VTK imo.


I had a quick look; it appears that this is exactly the kind of class I would like to have. It also does not appear to depend on any other paraview specific classes, so I would support that vtkExtractHistogram and vtkPExtractHistogram should be moved into the vtk project.

This seems simple to do, If you open a MR on VTK for that, I can definitely assist you.

Have create MR, see https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/-/merge_requests/8781