How can I set up the scale range in vtkRenderingWindow?

Hello, I am a new comer to vtk recently. I want to ask a question. Can I set up the scale in vtk windows?

Here is my 3D object. However, since some value is up to 21000, which represent that the original laser sensor did not sense anything, I want to set the range of Z-axis scale to (-40, 40). How can I do that? Maybe changing the camera view?

You can use SetClippingRange for the camera. Values are depth in world coordinates.

Thank you, then should I set up the position of camera? i found a result that if I set up the position of camera in vtk, I will no longer being able to rolling the camera by mouse.

You can get the active camera from the renderer and simply set the clipping range. You can still roll the camera through the interactor.