How can I use the vtkProbeFilter with a point cloud

Dear all,

I’m trying to achieve what seems to be an easy task, yet I cannot manage to do it. I have a large polyData, and a large point cloud (a list of points). I want to sample the cell data values of the polyData at each point in the point cloud. It seems reasonable to use the vtkProbeFilter. However, I do not understand how I can pass a point cloud to the filter. It seems like a need a “source”, for example a line source with a given resolution. There are all sorts of source shapes, randomly generated points sources, etc, but I just want a plain, dead-simple predefined cloud of points. I think I am missing something obvious…

I would be very thankful for any pointers. I’m using the Anaconda vtk Python bindings, version 8.2.0.

You can set your point cloud as source by calling vtkProbeFilter.SetSourceData() method.

Thanks a million! As I suspected, it was something on the surface :smile: