How can Make 3D & 2D Countor from DICOM(RTStrucure) file?


I want to read DICOM which have RTstrucure Data (Data of organ countor) and show 3D of that and
show 2D view by resliceing (vtkImageResliceMapper).

I has tried this way =>

  1. read point data List of > each slice of > each countor / from tag of DICOM( RTstrucure)

  2. make vtkImageData from pointdata list fo each countor

  3. show 2D by (vtkImageData > vtkThreshold :
    (filled poly data of countor by vtkThreshold but vtkThreshold take a lot of time :slightly_frowning_face: ) > vtkCutter > vtkActor > render() )

4 )show 3D by (vtkImageData > vtkImageGaussianSmooth > vtkFlyingEdges3D > vtkDataSetMapper > vtkOpenGLActor > render() )

If this way is True How Can I speed up vtkThreshold or a way for filled poly data of countor
Else If this way is incorrect please help me do that in true way .

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