How can set camera to get the result that see from the back?

I vtkSmartPointermyCamera = vtkSmartPointer::New();
myCamera->SetFocalPoint(212, 212, 148);//
myCamera->SetViewUp(0, 0, -1);
now I use these functions to set camera that can see from the front of image, but I want to see from the back of image. I tried to modify position parameter, but it doesn’t work at all.
how can I set the camera?1

Are you sure that your clipping range is correct? I would recommend to reset the camera clipping range after you’ve set up its position and added all actors to the renderer.

the real range are (858,1845)
now I want to set the camera to the back. so I reset the camera position at the opposite direction. and it doesn’t work.
Do you mean that when I reset the position, I should reset the cliprange?then what value I will set for cliprange?
thanks a lot

Instead of setting clipping range manually, I would recommend to reset the camera clipping range after you’ve set up the camera position and focal point and added all actors to the renderer. It does not matter what was the clipping range before the reset.

In fact, the actor is a image got by reslice(see the image below, the red circle), at first, I didn’t set the camera and use the default camera. but I want to exchange the image’s left and right, so I think, if I reset the camera to the opposite direction, then the image just meet my idea. but when I reset the camera parameter, I found it didn’t work at all.
image1 is the source image, look at the right top view, the green circle is on the left, I want to get the result as image2


Sorry, I cannot help you with this any further. This question (and most other questions that you have asked in the past few months) have been already answered, implemented, tested, and provided for free in several open-source medical image viewers. It would be much better use of your and the community member’s time if you built your application by extending an existing software and focus your attention to problems that have not been already solved.

I am confused by what your said. I can explore other open-source medical image viewers, but that doesn’t effect I research vtk. In fact, you can take this question as a common question focus on how to use a camera, it has no any links with medical.maybe I need other industry image.

There are good application frameworks for other domains, too (for example, you can use ParaView for general engineering applications).