How to accelerate render?

If there are several actors in the vtk, is it possible to accelerate render by only render one actor?

For example:

// dong something to change actor1
renderWindow->Render(actor1);  // or a similar method?

Hello. I don’t think that that makes much sense from the usability standpoint. Suppose you rotate a scene that is composed by five cubes. It is not an expected behavior to update the view of just one cube while the rendered pixels of the other four remain unchanged. The expected behavior is to update the view (render) of all visible actors.

The only “legal” ways to deny rendering of actors I can think of are:
a) to unset their visibility property (hide);
b) to paint them in full transparency;
c) to remove them from the scene.

Anyway, you can resort to level-of-detail (LOD) actors to improve frame rate of your rendering.

Is this a duplicate of: How to accelerate the Render()? ?

Thank you very much for your kindly reply. Could you please give me more details?

Please, follow this example: to know how the LOD mechanism in VTK works.