How to add a far more bigger actor and change the clip range and keep the camera distance at the same time?

Hello,I add a small actor first,then add another far more bigger actor,then

1,If not invoking the renderer->ResetCamera(),everything seems as expected like this:

but if scrolling the mouse wheel to change the camera distance then rotating the scene,a clip range problem comes up like this:

2,If invoking the renderer->ResetCamera(),clip range problem gone,but camera distance got changed dramatically like this,

and the user needs scroll the mouse wheel multiple times to find small actor back.

Question is:

How to add a far more bigger actor gracefully?

I would look at the camera properties, FocalPoint, Position, ViewUp, ViewAngle and Clipping Range. They together define the camera. See what resetting the camera does and revert the changes you do not need. Yes, it looks like a clipping problem and that resetting the camera could have been made more sparse. You could provide your own function for resetting the camera. Decide on the location and orientation of the camera and compute the minimal ViewAngle and Clipping Range.