How to add Dates to X-Axis of Line Plot

I followed the examples provided on the website and am able to create line plots, scatter plots, etc. but so far I have only been able to have a running number along the X-Axis. I would like to change the running number to dates.

I tried adding a vtkNew<vtkStringArray> to column zero of the table instead of vtkNew<vtkDoubleArray> and I also tried using SetLabels() on the chart but nothing works.

Can someone give me some pointers on how to change the X-axis to dates (or anything other than running number - e.g. a string)?

Is there another place to find example code other than the website? The examples are not very comprehensive and the documentation is not great so a better set of examples might help.

I code in C++ but if I can see how to do it in any language I would be able to get it to work in C++.

Thanks in advance.