How to build VTK and OpenVR locally?

Hello there,
I’m new to VTK.
Now I can build VTK locally and run VTK examples sucessfully.
Because eventually I want to transfer the images and widgets visualized by VTK to the VR scene in my HTC Vive.
For example, this is an example of a slider widget on the VTK official website:

Can it be transferred to the VR scene and be operated with two controllers?
I learned that the first step seems to be to build VTK9 and OpenVR locally.
However, what puzzles me is that there seems not much information online about how to set up VTK and OpenVR.
To do this, where should I start? Are there any more useful/latest tutorials or examples?
Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards!

I you just want to show a mesh in your VR HMD, you can use ParaView for that without any programming.