How to build VTK for Linux if you are a new user

These instructions will will lead you step by step through the process of setting up VTK in your home folder. They were developed on a recent version of Kubuntu (21.10) so you may need to modify parts of it for your own particular implementation.

The directory structure in your home folder will be:

|-- Kitware
  |-- build
  |-- src
  |-- test

There will be a VTK folder in each of build, src, test. The advantage of this structure is a clear functional separation which also allows adding future sources and builds such as for ParaView and the vtk-examples in their own sub-folders.

It is hoped that this will be a good foundation for you to build on when you develop your own applications.

Here are the instructions: (5.5 KB)

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Hi @amaclean

Great guide !

I think this work should be included into the of VTK that you can find here:

One thing I’ve done in ParaView is to have a “Getting Started Guide” at the begining, similar to your guide, and the complete guide below:

I think a similar approach could be added into the VTK build guide. Would you like to try and integrate that in VTK ?


@mwestphal thanks. I actually refer to the VTK so I’ll look at the ParaView one and see how to integrate it.

Please see