How to call Examples Data Easily for VTK Examples?

Hi all, good day to you all…

I have git clone this repository:

then build it using Cmake

After that I test Delaunay3D, it needs .vtp file, so I choose Bunny.vtp

the file is in the ‘vtk-examples/src/Testing/Data’

my questions are:

  1. Is there any shortcut to call the file from ‘vtk-examples/src/Testing/Data’? besides mentioning the path (it can be shortened with environment variable, but I want to know if anyone here can create a shortcut to call data like (.g / .vtp / .xml etc) that is faster than my method now?

  2. Why the Bunny.vtp in the newest repository:
    vtk-examples/Bunny.vtp at master · Kitware/vtk-examples · GitHub
    is different than the one from Lorensen’?
    VTKWikiExamples/Bunny.vtp at master · lorensen/VTKWikiExamples · GitHub

I want to use the one that can be used without internet connection, are both capable ? even if the newest repository seems to only contains 3 lines ?

Do not use the Lorenson site - it is obsolete and not maintained.

In the vtk-examples site, data is stored as git-lfs files, hence the three line text file you are seeing when you open it in a web browser. So in github you need to download the whole repository to get the data.

If you go to the gitlab version of vtk-examples, you can download the individual files using a web browser.

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Thank you Andrew Maclean, I am just a bit worry seeing that the codes in Lorensen and the official VTK-examples github are different.

The owner of the Lorenson site died in 2019. We had to create a new site namely, vtk-examples and also added and updated examples. So don’t use the Lorenson site.