How to change scalarbarwidget font properties

I can’t find a way to change the scarlarbarwidget font properties such as size and color.

Can anyone help?



Try calling GetScalarBarActor() on your vtkScalarBarWidget object. That method returns a pointer to a vtkScalarBarActor object. Call one of the Get*TextProperty() methods on it (one for title, another for the labels, etc.). Each of such methods returns a pointer to some vtkTextProperty object, which has lots of methods to change text style.



Hi Paulo,

Your advice basically got me to where I wanted to be. A couple of small points though.

  1. The SetFontSize didn’t override the size that the scalarBarWidget had. I suspect that this is because the scalarBarWidget is re-sizeable and re-sizes accordingly. I haven’t taken the time to find out how to turn the re-size off. I probably don’t want that anyway.

  2. I found it odd that vtkTextProperty has a GetShadowColor function, but no function to set the shadow color. Would be nice to do that. Maybe it is there somewhere; not obvious. Fortunately, I can turn the “white” shadow off with ShadowOff.




New features can be proposed here: Development - VTK.

Try calling UnconstrainedFontSizeOff() of the vtkScalarBarActor object in question before setting font size.

UnconstrainedFontSizeOff() had no effect.

UnconstrainedFontSizeOn() worked.