How to check whether software/hardware environment supports VTK.

Our team use the VTK 9.0 to build 3D program.

We find the following messages:

VTK: vtkOpenGLExtensionManager Class Reference

VTK/OpenGL Driver Information

VTK/OpenGL 驱动程序信息 - KitwarePublic

OpenGL Extensions Viewer


the vtkOpenGLExtensionManager and ‘VTK/OpenGL Driver Information’ only check function.

the glview/everestultimate need extra software to check it.

Do you provide a better message to check environment ?
If the Graphics card support but the driver don’t support, any better operations?

@ken-martin @sankhesh

That extension manager has been removed from VTK a long time ago. It only supported an old OpenGL version.

You can checkout how some of the testing for OpenGL support is done in vtkOpenGLRenderWindow::ReportCapabilities and vtkOpenGLRenderWindow::SupportsOpenGL

Thanks, it works well