How to clean rendering window in Qt (PySide2, Qt5)

I’m writing a viewer with python 3.5 and Qt5, using PySide2.
How do I completely wipe or unload the existing mesh from a rendering window? I just want the existing mesh to disappear when I click a button.
I’m rendering into a QVTKRenderWindowInteractor widget, I tried setting the actor to None, and other things that frankly I can’t remember, and nothing worked: either the last loaded mesh stayed stubbornly in the window, or else the window went black and I couldn’t load a new mesh.

It sounds like you might need to remove the actor from the renderer with vtkRenderer.RemoveActor(actor) and pass in your actor object before setting it to None. Just deleting the actor isn’t sufficient because the renderer will hold a reference to the actor object.

To completely clear the renderer, you can call vtkRenderer.RemoveAllViewProps().

@cory.quammen, RemoveAllViewProps is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!