How to config actor property?

I want to use VTK to visualize a model from a STL. The VTK version is 9.1.0.
I found other poeple can render a model very beautiful like this
I tried modify properties of actor such as opacity, ambient, roughness, anisotropy … But I cannot achieve same rendering.
Could anyone tell me some tips or example?

This looks like rendering using volume raycast mapping with gradient opacity (low gradient values set to 0 opacity). The nice thing is that you don’t even need to segment (no need to create an STL file, etc) but you can blank out the image outside the lungs and render it directly. You can get the mask for blanking out the image using TotalSegmentator fully automatically from any CT within about a minute.

All the tools (TotalSegmentator, blanking out volume, raycasting) are available with a convenient GUI in 3D Slicer. Many more related tools are available, too, such as automatic path finding in segmented airways, all kinds of quantitative analysis of chest images, surgical planning, surgical guidance, surgical navigation using electromagnetic trackers, etc. All free, open-source, supported by large community. See more info at .

Thank you very much for your answer.