How to create a gradient color shift

I have scaler data for color ranging from -5.000 to 5.000 with -1000000000.0 as areas I would like to be transparent. how do I create a color transfer function or an opacity function where the flow of color from -5 to 5 looks smooth, right now it looks individual cubes with specific, I would like to have it look more natural. I am working with vti files btw

The easiest is to design transfer functions visually (adjust parameters until they look good). If you don’t want to develop GUI for this then you can use existing interactive widgets in ParaView, or 3D Slicer’s Volume rendering module.

Avoid having large scalar range for your data, as it may cause numerical instability and GUI issues. If your normal range is between -5 to 5 then -6 should work fine for out-of-range values, but if you really want then use -10, but remain in the same magnitude of values.

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