how to create a polydata when points(x,y,z) are given.

Hi all,
can anybody guide me with creating a poly data when x,y,z.
I have the points in a text format.Do we have predifined class and if there is any can anybody guide me with creating the polydata(a 3d view) with points.

Check vtkTableToPolyData

Thank you @spyridon97

But the problem is i’m giving only point data as input.But in the example they are using a STL reader for reading the probesurface.
Here I read the file using the delimited text reader(in the vtk examples-DelimitedTextReader).But the problem is that in my input file the data are divided into different sections.
How to connect those sections and read them and get an output(The output looks like a curve) .
can anybody plz help me.

Can you provide an input file and describe how it’s structured and what you are trying to accomplish?

Sorry for the late reply and thank you @spyridon97.
The issue is ok now .I used a simple c++ file handler for it.

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