How to deploy vtkNIFTIImagePrivate.h to the install path by cmake

I want to use nifti_1_header struct in vtkNIFTIImagePrivate.h. I find the header file does not exsit in my vtk install path. I guess that I have missed some option in cmake. So, I want to know how to make correct setting to deploy the header to the install path. Or, I have to copy the header to the path manually? Thanks in advance.

B.T.W. I have chosen the vtk_group_imaging option in cmake.

As the name suggests, that API is private to VTK and not an exposed API. Though it is just some C declarations. @dgobbi Is there another source for these data structures that could be used?

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The nifti_1_header struct is defined in the nifti1.h header from libnifti.

For manipulation/copying of the header info, the vtkNIFTIImageHeader class is what should be used. The nifti_1_header Set/Get methods of this class are only intended to be used by people who are already using libnifti in their apps.

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I get it. Thank you!