How to export RGB image file by multiple single component TIFF image file?

Hello, I have multiple single component TIFF files. I can already export single component TIFF to RGB image files through vtkImageMapToColors.

Now, I want to convert multiple single component TIFF images into RGB image files, and the color mapping for each component is different.

So how can I solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

Hello @Timothee_Chabat .

Recently, I have encountered another problem.

Could you please help me take a look.

Thanks a lot.

For example, I currently have 4 vtkImageData, each of which is a single component and has a different color mapping. I need to merge these 4 vtkImageDatas into one vtkImageData, as shown in the following figure. I can already display them together through 4 volumes, but I cannot export them into image files such as png and jpg.