How to generate a triangulation with the correct orientation?

I have the following code (see below) where:

l,r,t,b are the coordinate bounds of a numpy array Z of size nrows x ncols that contains elevation data

x =np.linspace(l, r, ncols)
y =np.linspace(t, b, nrows)

X,Y = np.meshgrid(x,y)

data = np.column_stack((X.ravel(), Y.ravel(), Z.ravel()))

z_values = vtkFloatArray()

# create an object array of grid points 
points = vtkPoints()
for x, y, z in data:
    points.InsertNextPoint(x,y,0) # InsertNextPoint(x,y,z)

# add the grid points to a polydata object
polydata = vtkPolyData()

# triangulate the grid points
interp_TIN = vtkDelaunay2D()

# update TIN with true elevations
display_TIN = vtkWarpScalar()

While I am able to get the triangulated terrain displayed, I am unable to get it oriented correctly with Y values representing elevation and Z values representing depth. I understand that this is because of how I generated the triangulation BUT I have not been able to find another way to do this so that Y axis corresponds to elevations and Z to depth.

Can anyone tell me how I could accomplish this?


In my understanding, elevation and depth are the same thing: the Z coordinate (the former has positive values and the latter, negative values), right? So, I think you need to illustrate what you’re getting and what you expect.

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