How to get stack trace of vtkDebugLeaks infos on Windows

Does anyone can tell me how to get the stack trace of vtkDebugLeaks infos on Windows. I use VTK8.1 in Qt project, I only can get the brief info of VTK leak info when the program exist. Thanks.

It looks like the VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS_TRACE_CLASSES environment variable should be set to a ,-separated list of class names to track allocation locations for.

Thank you for the advice, I had set the VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS_TRACE_CLASSES environment variable,but it doesn’t work. It seems that VTK8.1 do not support this method to get stack trace.
I tried the VTK9.3.0 just now, It works!Is there any patch to let VTK8.1 work too?

You can try applying commit 471cac6de3c8609738e97dfc0163fd3dee11fd3c. No idea how conflict-heavy it is.