How to install vtk v9.1.0 in Windows 10 Anaconda v3.9 without Internet connection?

Setup: Windows 10 box without Internet connection, Anaconda v3.9

I cannot successfully install Anaconda VTK file vtk-9.1.0-qt-py39h1ab545e_206.tar.bz2. “conda install …” will put *.pyd files in site packages folder and I can “import vtkmodules”, but deeper imports (e.g., vtkInteractorStyle) will result in “cannot load DLL” failure.

If I try “pip install …” I get an error. For what its worth, I am able to install VTK v8.2 with Anaconda v3.8 on this same box and everything works fine. I have been using earlier versions for several years without problem.

I have another Windows 10 box with Anaconda v3.9 that does have an Internet connection. “conda install vtk” works and I am able to run VTK demos successfully.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.