How to interpret the output of CellData['Topology']

I’ve the following VTK object obtained from vmtk.NetworkExtraction

VTKArray([[0, 1],
[0, 2],
[0, 2],
[0, 1],
[0, 3],
[0, 3],
[0, 4],
[0, 5],
[0, 5],
[1, 6],
[4, 6],
[1, 5],
[2, 6],
[3, 4]], dtype=int64)

Could someone explain how to interpret the topology information obtained above?

This is the VTK forum, not VMTK forum. There might be VMTK users here who can answer your questions about VMTK, but if you don’t get any answer then try posting to the VMTK mailing list instead.

Thank you, I’m sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for my question. Since the output returned was a VTK Array, I considered posting here.

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VTK data structures are described in detail in VTK textbook (free PDF download). Search for “cell array” in it.