How to label vtkPolyData?

For example, I have two poly data: poly1 & poly2. I want to use vtkAppendPolyData to merge the two polydata and get polyFinal.

Is it possible to label poly1 and poly2 before vtkAppendPolyData so that I can know the cell in polyFinal is belong to poly1 or poly2?

Ang suggestion is appreciated~~~

One idea that comes to mind is to create a 2-tuple cell array with 1)id of polydata, 2)cell id of polydata.

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something like:

    idarr = []
    polyapp = vtk.vtkAppendPolyData()
    for i, poly in enumerate(polys):
        idarr += [i] * poly.GetNumberOfPoints()
    mpoly = polyapp.GetOutput()
    varr = numpy2vtk(idarr, dtype=np.uint16, name="OriginalMeshID")

as in:

from vedo import *
s1 = Sphere()
s2 = Sphere().shift(2,1,0)
s12 = merge(s1, s2, flag=True)
show(s12, axes=1)

Screenshot from 2023-01-20 17-07-04

Thanks for kindly reply. But I still have some question.

For example, there are 10 points & 20 cells in poly1, and 5 points & 10 cells in poly2. In this way, there should be 15 points & 30 cells in mpoly, which means the merge of poly1 and poly2.

The range of cell id for poly1 should be 0~19, and the range of cell id for poly2 should be 0~9. But, for mpoly, the range of cell id should be 0~29. For a cell with id 25, how to know whether it belong to poly1 or poly2?

The two poly may share some points. In this way, I could not set a unique id for each point. Only the cell is unique.

Is it possible to AddArray for cell?

Create a two-component array: the first component is the id of the polydata, the second is the point id.