how to make “reset()” more effective

Here’s the part of my code:

def anim():
        ms = pts.mlab_source
        for i in range(490):
            scalars = X_minMax[:,i+1]

When I run it in local, it runs effectively, however, when I use django running this code,


this sentence will take a long time, and I don’t know what happens, is there a way to replace it or make it quicker?

thanks for your answer!

So looks like a mayavi question, accord to, you could:

If you have questions you could ask on the Mayavi-users mailing list. This is used by some folks and is not too active. Another mailing list that may be of use is the ETS Users mailing list. This is a more general list where a lot of folks experienced with the Enthought Tool Suite are available.