How to manage vtkActor.

Hello, I would like some advice on how to manage vtkActor.
For example, is there a recommended way to remove only certain vtkActors added to the renderer?
My program holds a pointer to a specific vtkActor, then there is a way to compare it in vtkActorCollection, but I am wondering if there is a way provided or recommended by vtk.

P.s. What is the material name? Is it a property that can be used as an alias for an actor object?

Hello, Yongun,

It is recommended that you, first, remove an actor from the scene by calling renderer->removeActor( actor ). The you can dispose it off or let a smart pointer do it for you.

Materials hold the visual properties of an actor (e.g. its color or whether it gives off specular effect). No, it is not an alias.