How to mesh concentric irregular ellipsoid ?


Me question is specific: as the title said, I am trying to mesh concentric ellipsoid. Each ellipsoid defined by cloud point. And I try to use de Delaunay_2D method.

I use 2 consecutive ellipsoid and mesh it. I change the alpha depending on the maximum length between 2 consecutives point in each ellipsoid: image_1

If I use an alpha that is less, I have
The result is (more or less what I want): image_2

If I adjust my beta to low, I have holes: image_3

If I adjust my beta to high, I have so place were I have to much cells (ellipsoid alone and with the others: image_4 & image_5

So, my idea is to use a beta too low and tri to fill the gap (since I have every point that I need) but if my holled_surf

surf_final = holled_surf.delaunay_2d(alpha=1)

it forgot completely the previous surface and mesh it as if my holled_surf is only a cloud point and not an already meshed component.

So, does someone have any idea to solve my problem he or she is welcome ?
(either by finishing my idea or having a completly new one)

(and since my coworker everytime tried it, no, there is no sweet beta where their is nor hole nor unwanted elements)


Image 1 and Image 2 seem to be two successful examples. I guess I didn’t get the point.



The image 1 is a “good example”
the image 2 is almost good, but present some case of image 4 on it (but since it was good, i used it to show what i wanted, to try to discribe my pb in image 4 and 5.
Finaly, I was able to solve my trouble :
if an element have all 3 nodes on the same ellipsoïde, delete that element. And problem on image 4 and 5 are resolved thanks to that

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