How to output error information to console?

vtkOutputWindow is used to print error/warning information.

For example:

Is there any method to keep the printed information but do not show the vtkOutputWindow?

I have tested vtkOutputWindow::SetGlobalWarningDispaly(0) can forbid the vtkOutputWindow, but it also don’t show the printed information in console.

How to output error/warning information to console but hide the vtkOutputWindow?

Are you setting a factory to use the vtkWin32OutputWindow ? A standard vtkOutputWindow does not show the window afaik.

Are you setting a factory to use the vtkWin32OutputWindow ?

No, I have no setting about output window. But the vtkOutputWindow appears when a error/warning is reported.

Now, I need the printed information, but I don’t want vtkOutputWindow.

You want to override with your own factory then.

Why print the error/warning information to console, but also show it in vtkOutputWindow?

Why don’t show the error/warning information in console or vtkOutputWindow?

It is unnecessary to show the information twice.

I agree, please improve the vtkWin32OutputWindow to support all this, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a Unix guy, but I would be surprised to find that windows didn’t have some way of redirecting standard error output to somewhere else. I haven’t tested this (I’m a Unix guy), but this website seemed to think that it was possible to do these redirects in a Unix-y fashion on windows!