How to overcome Failed to load vtkClientServerPython?

I have to run some paraview trace file in python to automate the process. For this, I have I am trying to import paraview as

from paraview.simple import *

But, it is showing me an error as

“Failed to load vtkClientServerPython: No module named vtkmodules.vtkCommonCorePython”

I have run paraview from python before and it was working fine. But now, this is giving me a problem from few days. How to overcome this? Below is the complete sys path for paraview which is included in code.

import numpy as np
import sys, os
ParaViewBuildPath = "/home/ParaView-5.7.0-MPI-Linux-Python3.7-64bit/"
sys.path.append(ParaViewBuildPath + "lib/") 
sys.path.append(ParaViewBuildPath + "lib/python3.7/site-packages")
sys.path.append(ParaViewBuildPath + "lib/python3.7/site-packages/vtkmodules")

from paraview.simple import *