How to paint cells around a point according to the point's value in different cells?

I want to using vtk to paint my grid as follows

like the point in white.It belongs to four cells:1/2/3/4.When it belongs to cel1/2,its value should be like 3(3 maps blue in lookup table).And When it belongs to cell 3, its value should be 2(2 maps red).And When it belongs to cell 4, its value should be 1(2 maps orange).
In summary,the point may have different values whenit belongs to different cells, and I want to paint it according to these values.But I found if I use pointData it can only set 1 value(scalar)and 1 color per point.When I use CellData it will paint according to cellData and will transit from one cellData to another CellData instead of different points’ value.
I have no idea now.Anybody had experience?


As far as I know, one vertex can have only one value of each of the data arrays. To achieve that effect you likely need to split the vertex into two. Hence you can assign different values to them.



Thanks for your idea.
In my attempt, I found that when I use vtkPoints to tore the grid’s points, I can only give one point in the same place.If I give two points in the same place,the scene will crash.So can you tell me more about how to split the vertex into two?Thankyou very much