How to place seed widget exactly on the image but not above it?

Hi, I want to select some points on image. So I implement the seed widget to help me select the points I want. But I found out the seed was placed above the image not on the image. Some images below showing the issue.

The seed widget I placed should have been on the image.
But when I turn the camera around, they are above the image.

How can I solve this problem?
Or is there some methods to select point from an image?

I guess you are transforming the sliceView to move when you move a slider that controls the current slice if this it’s a ct, otherwise if it’s an xray your matrix RAStodisplayXY transform must be not correctly defined. That’s my belief


Thanks for your reply.
Actually I want to add a seed to the pixel selected.
So the world position of the seed can tell me the location of the pixel in an 3d image date.
Now I find a new twist: replacing the drifted position with the slice number(i.e., if I set slice orientation to XZ, I just replace the pos[1] with the slice currently showing ).

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