How to replace Geovis module

Hello guys,

I’m new on VTK and I’m trying to reproduce the examples on the topic 9.1 Geographic Views and Representation on the Users Guide book using Python.

The thing is it seems that Geovis was removed because I got an error from python saying that “vtkGeoView’ is not defined” and the entire module Geovis was marked as deprecated a while ago (

So my question is, how to work with geospatial visualization without this module? I did a research about it but all the examples and information regarding this topic uses Geovis module.

My final goal is to render a terrain map in a 3D View, so I’ve started to look at those 3D geospatial topics but got stuck on it.

I appreciate any help guys, thank you,


Instead of simply dropping a VTK module, would it be possible to convert it to a remote module? That way, even if Kitware cannot afford to maintain a module, other groups who still need the features could take over the work.