How to represent multiple actors with one single actor?

my problem is I have got a 3D hammer model that formed by multiple cells which means multiple actors and mappers should be present in the scene , so is there any way I can make these hammer represent by a single actor(i.e., use one actor to represent multiple actors) ?

I’m not sure why you have 1 cell per actor. Usually when we render a dataset (vtkPolyData) those have thousands or millions of cells for only one mapper/actor.

You can try to use vtkAssembly to combine all actors to one assembly which then can be rendered/moved at once.

ok ,thanks sir ,and i am new to VTK, i am kinda confused about the vtkpolydata and vtkunstructuredGrid , it seems they are interchangeable using filter , so what is the main differences between these two

vtkUnstructuredGrid can represent any cell type, including especially 3D linear and nonlinear cells.

vtkPolyData was originally designed to interface with VTK’s surface-based rendering subsystem, and for that reason represents 0D, 1D, and 2D cells, such as polygonal meshes.

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