How to run the python examples ?

I am a newer. I do not know how to download the python examples.I want to run the example ( on my computer.
But I can not find the data (filename1 and filename2). Can you help me?

Welcome to VTK, @chiyandetaotie

I looked around the VTK Examples site because I thought that surely there must be instructions to obtain the data. However, I did not see any instructions. Maybe @amaclean knows?

To find those files, I went to the VTK download page and downloaded VTKDataFiles-9.3.0.tar.gz. Untar that and you will find those data files under VTK-9.3.0/Testing/Data/

Hope that helps!

Information about where to find the data files and how to get them will appear in About the Examples in a few hours from now.

Awesome, thanks Andrew!

thanks !