How to scale a rendering scene in vtk.js ?

Hi, I would like to achieve something like in Scaling a rendering scene
with vtk.js. There seems to be no cam.SetModelTransformMatrix() equivalent in vtk.js at the moment. Are there any recipes/workarounds?

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I believe you can scale each actor as desired. The camera approach is just a simplification of that (although one that can create issues as you see in that thread)

Thanks! vtkActor.setScale() indeed is a simpler approach to scale the data, so thanks for the hint!
But in this case something like cubeAxesActor.setXAxisRange() would come in handy in order to allow to scale the label values independent of the actor.

Basically I need to be able to apply an aspect factor in order to visualize data with large aspect ratios, as e.g. in matplotlib.

For the time being, as a workaround I can use the setScale() method and write the factor into the axis label text.