How to set vtkPropCollection for vtkCellPicker

I find that vtkPropPicker can set the vtkPropCollection for pick:

int PickProp(
    double selectionX, double selectionY, vtkRenderer* renderer, vtkPropCollection* pickfrom);

This function allows to pick from the specificed prop.

Is it possible to set vtkPropCollection for vtkCellPicker?

Any suggestion is appreciated~~~

I believe this will work: vtkCellPicker is a derived class of vtkAbstractPicker. As such, it has methods like AddPickList(vtkProp*) and PickFromListOn(). If you have a list of props to pick, turn on PickFronListOn() and add them to the cell picker etc. and perform the pick.

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Thank you very much, it works~~~