How to specify bounds for vtkAnnotatedCubeActor ?


I’m trying to display a cube with labels on each face of the cube using vtkAnnotatedCubeActor. I was wondering if I can specify the size of cube (xlength, ylength, zlength along with xcenter, ycenter, zcenter) somehow ? I cannot seem to find a solution to this problem in the documentation or examples. I need to have a specific size for the cube. Is this the correct approach to take ? Please let me know your suggestions/thoughts. Any help would be greatly appreciated !


inherits from vtkPlot3D so the public member functions such as SetScale(x,y,z), SetPosition(x,y,z), SetOrigin(x,y,z)`should all be accessible.

Thank you so Andrew !

A quick question though, I’m struggling to understand the difference between SetPosition and SetOrigin. I have a vtkCubesource object currently with xlength, ylength, zlength and xcenter, ycenter, zcenter. Would SetOrigin be same as SetCenter call for vtkCubesource ? I apologize for my lack of understanding.

I appreciate your help ! Thanks !