how to use "vtkStreamTracer"

I have two questions about “vtkStreamTracer”.

One is the data setting by “SetInputConnection”, what is the format of data ? can i create by myself ?

The other is the source setting by “SetSourceConnection”, why need this source? i can not understand.

Best to provide an example, thank you.

Sorry, i download and excute all the examples about "vtkStreamTracer " of vtk, but i still do not understand. and i have readed the description of “vtkStreamTracer”.

I want to read the data file, but the data format is binary(e.g., vtk and bin file), like a black box.

I create a poly line, how to create vector of the poly line ? There is no result of "vtkStreamTracer " now, will it be valid when i create vector ?

And i create a “vtkPointSource” with 100 points, Are every point as the start of streamLines ?

Thank you .

What exactly you don’t understand?