Image cursor


I want to create a cursor like the one shown in the image

Which class is this exactly, there are numerous cursors in vtk. BTW, I am not using vtkImaegViewer2D, I have my own renderer and I use vtkImaegReslice.


You are very lucky with the timing. @dporter is putting together a lightweight MPR viewer based on VTK and 3D Slicer. You might help him in his work or just use and customize the viewer that he develops.

Thanks Andras. @dporter where is your MPR Viewer repo?

I too have a MPR viewer that can display RT objects as well. BTW which class should I use to display movable cursor? i too use SlicerRT but for some work.


The repository is here:

Slicer uses displayable managers and custom VTK widgets (we tried to use standard VTK widgets for many years but they are just too complex, too slow, hard to initialize them and keep in sync between multiple views, etc.). Crosshair is displayed using vtkMRMLCrosshairDisplayableManager class. Somebody is currently working on adding a custom widget for it, so it may get some significant improvements in the near future. Slice intersections are displayed by vtkMRMLModelSliceDisplayableManager.

OK, thanks. Just building SlicerQReads