Implicit Quadric model with Perlin or other noise applied

I create a complex implicit surface model with quadric function boolean combinations. I want to perturb or filter these individual smooth surfaces to make them bumpy or irregular with the Perlin function or something like it. Please point me to examples or suggestions. I have the examples from the VTK example sets, but the Perlin example is an Implicit surface type itself, not a modifier to others, it seems. Thanks.

Do you want the surface to still be implicit after applying a Perlin noise? It sounds like it would be complicated to achieve that. I’m not sure you would still have a surface if the noise is also implicit.

I am using vtkQuadric as the base model so the surface is obviously smooth. Since I am using vtkImplicit Boolean with Difference that makes it more complicated. The vtkPerlinNoise builds a rough implicit surface somehow. I just want to add some roughness to my smooth surfaces, if possible. It would not be worth the effort for me to enhance or reimplement a rough Quadric. So I will just stick with the ideal surfaces. The polygonization has to be an actual rough surface, not a visual effect. Unless there is some other filter that will do that. Thanks

I’d add the roughness to the surface (polygonal mesh) or through a shader (I’m assuming here that you are extracting a surface.)