improving VTK rendering speed on Windows virtual machines

Hi all, I’m developing a VTK app for Windows but occasionally I want to run it on a Mac via a Windows virtual machine. When I run my app on Windows, VTK uses OpenGL2. However, to run the app on a Virtual Machine, I need to use the Mesa Project’s OpenGL library, and the rendering is considerably slower. Does anyone know of a way to improve VTK app speed on Windows Virtual Machines?
much obliged,

What VM do you use? About a year ago, Parallels supported only ancient OpenGL versions. Maybe latest version is better and maybe there are alternatives with better OpenGL support.

You can also run your application natively on Mac. Building multi-platform applications using VTK+Qt is quite common.

Thanks very much for the response, Andras. Yes, Parallels is the VM I’m using. I’ll check with them about the issue and look into alternatives. And yes, I guess rebuilding the app in Qt would also solve the problem.