Input arrays with vtkPythonAlgorithm

Python classes derived from VTKPythonAlgorithmBase have the usual SetInputArrayToProcess method but no GetInputArrayToProcess. However, GetInputArrayInformation does exist and works just like in C++.
Ist this done on purpose? Is there a canonical way to handle input arrays in python algorithms?

I’m currently working around this by defining my own (limited version of) GetInputArrayToProcess:

class MyFilter(VTKPythonAlgorithmBase):
    def GetInputArrayToProcess(self, id, data_object):
        """ emulates the missing vtkAlgorithm::GetInputArrayToProcess method """
        info = self.GetInputArrayInformation(id)
        field = info.Get(vtkDataObject.FIELD_ASSOCIATION())
        name = info.Get(vtkDataObject.FIELD_NAME())
        if field == vtkDataObject.FIELD_ASSOCIATION_POINTS:
            return data_object.PointData[name]
        elif field == vtkDataObject.FIELD_ASSOCIATION_CELLS:
            return data_object.CellData[name]
        elif field == vtkDataObject.FIELD_ASSOCIATION_NONE:
            return data_object.FieldData[name]
        else:  # not implemented
            return None

    def RequestData(self, request, inInfo, outInfo):
        input_data = dsa.WrapDataObject(vtkDataObject.GetData(inInfo[0], 0))
        input_array = self.GetInputArrayToProcess(0, input_data)