Install library with co-dependant modules

I have a library which have a lot of vtk modules and I am updating those to the new VTK modules.
Some of these modules depends on each other, which means I have encountered the race condition described in this post.
The proposed solution consist of using a NAME and a LIBRARY_NAME in the vtk.module file as VTK seems to process differently targets and aliases internally. This works, however by doing so I can only manipulate my module through aliases and I am not able to install them anymore.
Is there a better way to solve this race condition ?

@ben.boeckel Do you have any recommendation on the best cmake architecture to handle this kind of project ?

I’ve provided a fix for the logic pointed out in that other thread. For working with module targets, there are a variety of functions provided (vtk_module_link and friends) for doing the typical target_ CMake functions. These handle the alias and kit use cases. The module system does handle installing targets (if the arguments to do so are passed).