Install vtk-8.2.0 in ARM64/aarch64

Hello, I am trying to install vtk in my ubuntu(aarch64).
I have tried several methods, but they were all failed.

1.I installed miniforge in ubuntu and downloaded the package 'vtk-8.2.0-py36haa4764d_200.tar.bz2' from
. And I used '''conda install --use-local''' to install vtk package in my virtual environment.

But when I use python to import vtk, the error occurred:

  • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'vtkCommonCorePython'

2.I downloaded vtk-8.2.0 for aarch64 from
and extracted the files of vtk-8.2.0-14-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

After that, I imported vtk successfully, but I couldn’t use any modules in vtk:

What should I do to install vtk in ubuntu(arrch64)?
Thank you very much